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In the morning, we will introduce you to the shaman of our village, who will lead you in a ceremony of about an hour, to welcome you, but also to protect you from evil spirits that revolve around us.

Animism was once the predominant religion in the various Thai ethnic groups, and existed before Buddhism.

Many Thais perceive the world as being invaded by dangerous entities. To defend against the inexplicable, they create unconventional ways to appease their imagination.

To understand why this mixture of beliefs is possible, simply remember this sentence:
 "Buddhism is not interested in the present world, it needs the Animism that deals with it. Buddhism can deliver essential anxieties while Animism alters the present and intervenes in today's world. Through Buddhism, men seek a way of salvation out of life; by animism happiness and health in life’’


THE GIFT OF LAND OF SIAM :  A private ceremony where nothing is for sale. No frills for tourists. Purely traditional and original


 6 adults price per person:  250 Baht  

 4 adults price per person:  400 Baht  

2 adults price per person:  600 Baht 

For the ceremony, you have to do some shopping for food and drinks, essential to the smooth running of the ceremony. The shaman is also paid for his performance. The price we offer is exactly the same as the price a local would pay for the same service.


LAND OF SIAM VOYAGE offers a V.I.P. luxury package, for those who want to discover the region while enjoying the benefits of great qualities; (high-end hotels, minibuses or luxury SUVs, gourmet restaurants.)
Send us your wishes and we will contact you immediately.


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This activity must be booked in advance.
Thai boxing is an important national sport. Everything starts in the villages, in small rooms. From 5 to 6 years old, motivated children begin a hard and selective training. Places are expensive to get to the top and fight in the big halls of Bangkok and become a star.
We invite you to meet his young people who dream of glory in sweat and pain.
​ In the early evening, we take our pick-up to meet his young boxers in herbs that train every day. You can, if you wish, put the gloves to compete with them!
LAND OF SIAM VOYAGE BONUS :  Fights are sometimes organized in the countryside in paddy fields in the dry season. We will not fail to share it with you. Unforgettable moments !


6 adults price per person: 200 Baht 

4 adults price per person: 300 Baht 

2 adults price per person: 600 Baht 


Attending cockfights is only possible when combined with the formula "LAND OF SIAM A night at the inhabitant".

It is one of the most popular activities in the country, especially in Isaan.

We will ask the village specialists to organize a special fight for you.
IMPORTANT : In Thailand, cockfighting does not go to death.


6 adults price par person: 200 Baht 

4 adults price par person: 300 Baht  

2 adults price par person: 600 Baht 


This activity is only possible when combined with the formula "EARTH OF SIAM, a night at the inhabitant"
With a local old women, you will discover and learn how to cook some typical dishes of Isaan.
Krao-Niao, Lap-moo, Nam Plaa, Pat Si-you. In one evening, all these Isaan dishes will have no secrets for you.

Together, we will go to the market to choose the food needed to make the dishes.
Back in your guest house, we will begin to prepare the dishes. Moments of exchanges with the inhabitants of the village, always surprised to see Westerners interested in their culture.

The tasting will delight your taste buds.

The price of this activity varies according to the number of participants.
THE BEST OF THIS DAY : They will explain to you the benefits of herbs and spices used forThai cooking.


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