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SURIN HOLIDAYS TOURS & RENTALS Co.,Ltd  Tel 66(0)956010495  TOURISM LICENSE No : 54/00049

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Designer of customized tours in Northeast Thailand, Isaan region

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L'Issan...une autre Thailande... 

WHO ARE WE  ? ...

We are settled in the city of Surin, very close to Cambodia, on a plateau, in the north-east of Thailand, named Isaan, bordered on one side by the majestic Mekong River, and on the other side by the rice fields fertile of the central plain. For centuries, it is on this plateau that settled ethnic groups from all over Asia, bringing with them their languages, their traditional music, their beliefs, their cultures and ancestral customs, still present today.

Isaan will only be revealed to those who will take the time to discover it !

For nearly twenty years, the creators of LAND OF SIAM VOYAGE survey the Isaan in all directions, especially the Khmer region. Today, they want to share this experience and put all this knowledge at your service, which allows them to offer you carefully prepared excursions, designed to make you discover the treasures that this region has.

Behind the elephants, the temples and the striking landscapes, another Thailand exists, through the peoples of Isaan. This is also what you will discover : an authentic Thailand. 


 You choose ... We act ... 


The concept of the LAND OF SIAM VOYAGE is very simple: 


We offer six different day trips each, far from the tourist routes. These excursions are exclusive and fully customizable on request. Together we define schedules, length of visits, meals and much more before you arrive. This flexibility is the strength of EARTH OF SIAM VOYAGE !


1: Choose from the EXCURSIONS the ones that interest you, to create a stay from one to six days.

 2: Choose your ACCOMMODATION and your means of TRANSPORT.

Take the opportunity to try our formula "LAND OF SIAM EXPERIENCE a night at the inhabitant", in total immersion in a village. A unique and rewarding experience.

You can also choice for standard hotel type accommodation.

   All you must do is choose the means of transportation to reach us.


3:  When you have made your choice EXCURSION, ACCOMMODATION, and TRANSPORT, just send us this information so that we can, together, organize your stay.


Our structure and our concept allow us to listen to you, from the first moment, for the development of your trip. Together, we can plan fully customized days. Then, on the spot, we will also be present to accompany you.
We will always be available to inform you, help you and especially tell you what you see.

For us, your trip does not stop the day you leave. We will continue to communicate to send you information, photos, what you liked or to tell you the people who affected you.


We offer very attractive prices, especially for teenagers when they travel with you, since we believe in family travel with our concept. We will talk a lot with them about everything that will surround us during these excursions. This region offers us a look at past life, but also about what should be the future. A trip that could change your vision and that of your children on the essentials.

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